Mars landing: NASA’s spacecraft takes its first SELFIE

mars landing celebration

NASA’s latest InSight spacecraft has sent its first selfie from the barren surface of Mars, after it successfully reached on the Mars with a seven month trip through space.

The US space agency released a photograph taken by its InSight spacecraft shortly after it landed, showing part of the probe and the Martian surface in the distance.

NASA’s InSight spacecraft first SELFIE

NASA's InSight spacecraft first SELFIE

The project manager Tom Hoffman said after Monday’s touchdown.

I’m very, very happy that it looks like we have an incredibly safe and boring landing location, That’s exactly what we were going for.


The team had good reason to celebrate given the challenges the spacecraft had to overcome, here is the 360 video of Mars Landing Celebration

NASA InSight Mission Control Mars Landing Celebration (360 video)

It was NASA’s eighth successful landing at Mars since the 1976 Viking probes, and the first in six years. NASA’s Curiosity rover, which arrived in 2012, is still on the move on Mars.

Only 40 per cent of missions to the planet have succeeded and all have been US-led.

InSight’s protective heat shield endured temperatures up to 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit, the vehicle “felt” an atmospheric braking force of 7.5 times the force of gravity on Earth and still more as its 39-foot-wide supersonic parachute inflated with a force of 12,500 pounds per square foot.

mars landing first picture

The question of whether life ever existed in Mars’ ? Scientists hope to learn why the rocky planets in our solar system turned out so different and why Earth became a haven for life.

After InSight landed, the two experimental satellites zoomed past Mars, their main job done. One took one last photo of the red planet that the satellites’ chief engineer, Andy Klesh, titled ‘farewell to InSight … farewell to Mars.’

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